Controlling Virtual Storage

Managing virtual storage hard drive data incorporates a number of steps. Each step is performed with a component of a computing system or a network architecture. FIG. 3 reveals an exemplary computer-implemented method for performing these steps. With regards to the implementation, each step of the process can be performed by any computer system or perhaps computer-executable code.

The first step in managing virtual storage area is to produce a virtual storage machine. You can add amounts, host communities, or undefined resources. Afterward, use the HMC to manage and monitor the virtual safe-keeping environment. From the HMC, pick the online storage machine you wish to deal with and click the VSM icon. In the Storage space View, you’ll how much storage area each storage system includes.

To erase a online storage machine, click the Erase icon. Lost resources happen to be moved to a meta powerful resource group. To eliminate a online storage machine, you must first unattach the amounts and HA pairs. Once you have removed the quantities, you can now head out them to the VSM making use of the Move Volumes and Undefined Resources alternatives.

In traditional storage control, disks reside in a REZZOU array that is certainly controlled by a number system. With virtualization, the disks are managed with a virtual safe-keeping environment, which in turn acts as a central point of control for all hard disk drive creation.

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